Panels! Panels! Panels!  More panels than you can shake a stick at and then some!  Anime Central 2001 offered a huge variety of panels galore featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and industry representatives from the domestic anime kingdoms all heading healthy discussions on various exciting anime and manga-related topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, industry follow-ups, historical perspectives, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting all throughout the day.  Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from.  If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime Central 2001
Sunday Discussion Panels 2

Anime Figure Modeling Seminar - Go Figure: Long-time otakus on the model front, panelists discussed the trappings of garage kit manufacturing and final paint to product time.  For construction of various molds and fittings, superglue, epoxy or polyester putty with pins is highly encouraged as well as acquiring a Dremel tool to assist in nearly everything surrounding the construction of the model kit.  Topics also included uses of paint, brushes, special techniques for tight areas, and proper care of the kits for small displays to large shows.
Anime Online: Ryan Mathews (left) and Tim Georgi (right) spoke about online newsletters and the importance of ease of use in finding relevant information on any given subject matter.  Topics also covered were constantly changing web designs, online journalism's instant gratification, using templates for journalism, and frequent concerns about copyrighted images. Online Publishing: Panelists including Mike O'Toole (left from AnimeJump) and Tim Georgi (center from AtAnime) described the arduous tasks that lie ahead in creating and maintaining an easy to use and read newsletter with all the right amounts of information, articles, and stories, staying true with their local fan base, and keeping good relations with sponsoring companies.
Dub Your Own Anime: Jeff Thompson of The Right Stuf International directed several vocal sessions in which spirited fans got a chance to display their acting abilities on stage and really experience the challenges that voice actors go through in real dubbed works.
Anime Song Circle: Iskandar Taib led this choir workshop in which those with more than a musical hum on the tongue could sit in and sing some favorite anime tunes with a number of fellow fans who liked the same songs.
Additional panels also held on Sunday: Music Videos Advanced Workshop, 3D Art / Modeling and the Gaming Industry, Shoujo Melodrama, Central Park Media, State of the Anime Industry, Old Fogies III: Fogies on Monster Island, Escaflowne, Getting Anime to You: Production of Translated Anime, Studio GONZO with Nagasawa and Yamakawa, and Restoring Anime.

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