Why do fans continually come to anime conventions?  Is it just because of the whopping loads of anime merchandise in the Dealers Room?  Is is just because of the colorful cosplayers?  Is it because pf all the guests?  Or maybe just hanging out with friends at the panels?  So much stuff to do and so little time, LLNN captured a little bit of the spirit that makes an anime convention so much more enjoyable than just... well... sitting at home all weekend.

Anime Central 2001
It's all about fan fun!

Cosplay photography palooza!  With a mix of high-end cameras and low-end disposables, press and fans gathered at their earliest opportunities to capture on digital or 35mm film the best efforts for costuming excellence and excitement! Staff from www.otakutelevision.com were seen all over the convention, covering most of the events and interviewing the cosplayers for their web footage.  Did you get interviewed yet? Guest of Honor Kirby Morrow delights his fans as they get a cool picture with him in the hallway.  Being the voices for male hunks in popular anime shows, Scott McNeil and Kirby were constantly nabbed by their excited female and male fans for autographs and pictures.
The Guest spotlights never go out at Guest of Honor Mika Akitaka (left at his autograph session) and Lisa Ortiz (right at the end of Closing Ceremonies) honor their large groups of fans with cool drawings and signatures of celebrity excellence.
Convention Registration has checked out for the night, and that gives modeling fans all the opportunity to set up shop and get to work on their cool resin kits to show off the latest projects and even exchange news about new model releases. Parties parties parties!  Had something to announce and wanted to post it up for all to see?  Anime Central had a couple of kiosk stands out for the masses of event-hungry fans to gather up and make their days last well through the night!

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