The Anime Central 2001 Cosplay Contest was a blast and a half.  With standing room only in the back surrounding a packed theater ready for a spectacle, Masquerade Coordinator Isaac Sher played well in his signature Kaga form to the excited audience and competing cosplayers with introductions of celebrity judges and great commentary on the fabulous costumes and awesome performances.

Anime Central 2001
Events: Cosplay Contest Night

The ceiling lights dim, the spotlights go on, the cameras start rolling, the audience feverish with anticipation quiet down the excited chatter, and that is when the Cosplay Contest really starts!  From comedy skits to musical numbers, walk-ons to large, loud, and bold introductions, Anime Central 2001 played host to a festival of new heights of anime cosplaying.  Please give a hand to the following individuals and groups that entertained the night away: Nadesico, Wedding Peach, Lime, Steam Detectives, Bean Bandit, Sakura Kimoto from Card Captor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon and Iron Mouse, Wicked Lady Sailor Moon R, Outlaw Star, Tokyo Babylon, Harley and Link from Chrono Cross, Neo-Trunks from DragonBall Z, Slayers, Meryl Strife + Milly + Cammy from Trigun as Bernadelli Insurance Group, Guilty Gear, Washuu from Tenchi Muyou!, Lovely Goddess Shaolin, Final Fantasy 7,8 + Digimon + Kiki, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tenchi Muyou! characters, Project Cosplay Haunted Junction, Ed from Cowboy Bebop, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tokyo Babylon Pika, Great Saiyaman from DragonBall Z, Fushigi Yuugi characters, Nausicaa + Obsessive Fan, Digimon characters...
...Escaflowne Lost and Found, Utena characters, Captain Harlock, another Great Saiyaman, Sailor Moon + Belldandy, Cosplay Cuties ChamChams, Mecha Godzilla, Not Ready for Bandai Players, Pretty Sammy, Turning Japanese with Tenchi Muyou!, more characters from Tokyo Babylon, Utena, Card Captor Sakura, and Chrono Cross, Violinist of Hamlin, Resident Evil, Legato from Trigun, Ode to Otaku with PockyGirl, MIss Anime Girl (Got Pocky?), Wolfwood from Trigun, Setsuna from Last Blade II, Ohja Mahou Doremi, Record of Lodoss War, Captain Tylor, Menshi from Excel Saga, Final Fantasy 7, Dancin' Acen 2K1, Nostalgia Streets of Rage, Nighttime Lain Tournament, Pretty Linna's Magical Sailor Introduction, Black Lady from Sailor Moon Stars, The Real Vash from Trigun, Trigun + Shampoo, and Rurouni Kenshin.  Chants for the night squelched out the old outdated "Chair!" and welcomed in "Dance!", "Pocky!", and of course, "Love and Peace!" from Trigun.  Don't forget to check out the Cosplay Contest Winners Circle!

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