Panels! Panels! Panels!  More panels than you can shake a stick at and then some!  Anime Central 2001 offered a huge variety of panels galore featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and industry representatives from the domestic anime kingdoms all heading healthy discussions on various exciting anime and manga-related topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, industry follow-ups, historical perspectives, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting all throughout the day.  Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from.  If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime Central 2001
Friday Discussion Panels 1

Con Photography Workshop: (left to right) Kevin Lillard (, David Andrews, Dennis Carr, and Lionel Lum (taking the photo for discussed personal procedures and techniques that may aid aspiring fan photographers to get better quality pictures from their convention experiences.  Driven by shear years of experience, topics delved into the use of using traditional 35mm SLR cameras versus high-end and low-end digital cameras as well as simple off-the-shelf disposable cameras, friendliness and respect towards all cosplayers, post-con developing and digital imaging for website use, how different cameras require different lenses, and becoming comfortable with learning from mistakes.
Infinite Ryvius: It's the story about students in an astronaut training school Liebe Delta, sabotage and renewed spirit of survival and strength in a strange new world.  With a growing fan base on this particular show, the panel showed clips of the popular series and discussed the possible dramatic scenarios in future episodes. Studio Ironcat: Surrounded by ardent Ironcat fans, Doug Smith (left) and Steve Bennett (right) gave a healthy pep talk about not giving up, learning from constructive criticism, being optimistic and realistic about writing stories or developing characters, and having confidence in themselves when drawing manga art.
Web Design Workshop: Moderated by numerous HTML gurus of the expanding Internet anime fan universe (Janelle Jimenez, Mara Karapetian, Nilah Magruder, Priya Monrad, Brandon Bannerman, and Kate Peterson), this workshop drove right into topics that concerned everyone on the web.  Topics discussed the horrors of spelling and grammar mistakes, research quality, keeping on track towards a target audience with highly informative pages, uses of web and regular text content editors (DreamWeaver, NotePad, FrontPage, HomeSite), static HTML and images versus dynamic HTML and javascript-heavy pages, keeping loads times to a minimum for modem users, Flash splash pages and menus, uses of various graphic formats (gif, jpeg), and finally designing a page around an 800x600 pixel screen for average users.
Harmony Gold / Dedicated Robotech fans rejoiced as the Robotech saga lived on in the release of more box sets, DVDs with selected cut scenes from the original Japanese series, special collectors editions, and more discussion on wide releases of this fabulous show. Hooked on Drawing Manga: Moderated by Bruce Lewis, this workshop kept attendees focused and excited about being creative, keeping scrapbooks and doodle files to collect and preserve valuable ideas, and disciplining through practice towards developing untapped inner talents.

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