Cosplay Reception after the Cosplay Contest was the place to be to gather for rounds of great photography and wild commotion.  For Guests, fans, and of course the winning cosplayers, it was a cosplay reception not to be missed!

Anime Central 2001
Cosplay Contest Winners Circle

Winner!  Best Presentation: "Ode to Otaku and Pocky" with PockyGirl and her ACen covergirls Winner!  Best of Show: Mecha Godzilla with his buddy the original Gojira from last year's winning Best of Show
Winner!  Best Staff Entry: Vash (center) joined with his Trigun posse
Winner!  Judge's Choice from Nickey: Menshi from Menshi Saga surrounded by ACen covergirls and PockyGirl Winner!  Second Place: Escaflowne Team Rocket
Winner!  Best Group Performance: Bernadelli Insurance from Trigun Winner!  Judge's Choice Award from Bruce Lewis: "Dancin' ACen 2k1"
Winner!  Third Place: "Record of Lodoss War"

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