Let the Otaku madness begin!  Enter the male otaku and the female otaku and what do you get?  Like?  Love?  Confusion?  Or just plain weirdness?  The Otaku Dating Game held nothing back with a good mix of humor, prodding questions, and lots of healthy "abuse" to entertain the audience.

Anime Central 2001
Events: Otaku Dating Game

Held in regular Dating Game style, with one brave soul choosing a lucky winner out of  four contestants, this year's Otaku Dating Game brought in a little more risqué entertainment with introduction of Anime Central's Sin Girls to spur some more stage excitement for the crowd.
Behold, the four lovely and somewhat frightening Sin Girls!  Dressed in killer vinyl black and cotton schoolgirl skirts hiked up for some male excitement, these foxy vixens had a commanding presence. Deliberating carefully with each prodding question from the lone heartbreaker behind the curtain, fan boy contestants tried their best to be frank and honest with their responses or else...
... or else they must feel the pain!  Of the WHIP!  Ootch! That's gotta hurt! Lucky contestant claims victory and a lovely date thanks to answering in just the right way!  Stage one complete!
And round two starts up with another lovely soul yearning to breathe free and take it upon herself to find that one lucky fan boy to be her MAN. Contestants try hard not to glance at the antics behind them...  Cover your eyes, little kids!
The Sin Girls were so evil; they found other means of stage pleasure to punish the poor souls. Whoa!  Lucky winning contestant got a little frisky there!  He almost jumped right off the stage!  Stage two complete!
Whoa there, pard'ner!  This devilish maniac from the audience took it upon himself to attempt to date one of the four Sin Girls.  Think he'll win? With faces of utter horror and disgust, the Sin Girls roll their eyes and bow their heads to some rather boring questions from the devil behind the curtain.
So he chooses a winner whether regardless of score, but the tables are soon turned as he is stunned by her female prowess as she yells into the mic, "Say my name, bitch!" Looks like this Sin Girl's in full control of her date!  Stage three complete!

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