2001 was the first year for LLNN to travel into Canada and with no convention correspondent for Anime North 2001 (like Sakura, AX, or Anime Central), this was also a challenge (as well as a vacation) to refocus on the travel experience as a whole and becoming familiar with new faces and convention territory.  And it is with great pleasure to say that we've had an amazing time and will definitely look forward to 2002 and beyond.

Anime North 2001
Travel into Canada

LLNN's choice to fly to Canada?  Why Air Canada, of course.  Why would we fly anything else if we wanted the total Canadian experience? As soon as you stepped onto the plane, you knew you were in Canada.  From both English and French announcements to information cards asking you various questions about bringing items in and out of Canadian / U.S. borders, this was where international rules now apply.
OK, so who cares about airline food?  We do, because we're hungry!  Having stayed up late to finish and publish the previous report for Anime Central 2001, LLNN was famished.  Thanks to Air Canada for the wonderful Italian Tortellini. Same going back.  Try staying up as many hours as you can, going to all the events and panels and see how hungry you are after the weekend.  Thanks to Air Canada for the wonderful chicken breast.
It's the future already!  Flat screens quietly dropped down when nearing arrival to let passengers know exactly where they were during flight time. Travel tip Number One: know where to get cash.  Locate the nearest ATM and your money is instantly converted to Canadian dollars.  As of May 24th, 2001, the exchange rate was about 1.5$CA:$1US.  Not bad.  Now we know why Canadians love gambling the loose slot machines in the United States so much.  You do the math.
OK, so it's a Ford Focus this time...  America still produces the best rental cars.  And this one came in handy for our Ontario excursion. But wait!  Everything is in metrics!  More math to do.
And even more math to do!  What is that, dollars?  Cents?  Canadian cents... convert to US... and remember, it's in liters, so you have to convert to gallons...  @_@
When in touristy area, do as the tourists do and take lots of photos.  Niagara is but a mere 1.5 hours drive away around the bay from Toronto. Why did we go to Niagara, why, the Falls of course!  Glorious for its size and immense power, we even indulged at the gift shop for some cool (and inexpensive) souvenirs.  And yes, they did sell "Viagra Falls" souvenirs for the funny bones out there.
Getting in for a closer look, it was like leaning over and seeing the end of the earth, or at least a major rift in a tectonic plate if you wanted to get all scientific. Next time... next time, we will be on that boat.  Maid of the Mist.  We'll see how long the camera lasts in all that water.   Time to shop for a waterproof enclosure.
Trucks!  We love 'em!  And Canada has their own kinds of trucks with more wheels than fingers on your hands, the ones that're really heavy and carry tons of junk and whatnot.  With that many wheels, makes you wonder what they carry.

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