Anime North 2001 enjoyed a unique variety of unofficial fan entertainment that is the main reason why more and more attendees agree that the convention experience is definitely something that can't be missed.  From early morning hours to late at night, there was always something to see and do and we've taken a look into some of the youthful energy.

Anime North 2001
Fan Fun!

Sailor Moon here, Sailor Moon there, Sailor Moon everywhere!  From Guests to spirited fans, to Anime North staffers, Sailor Moon was the biggest thing to hit Anime North 2001 as fan excitement surged to maximum capacity.
It's Fan Artist Survivor Challenge in the Artists Alley!  Fans in the Artists Alley caught the drawing bug and quickly churned out artwork as fast as they could by themselves or in teams to win prizes or just plain have fun. 
Even cosplayers need to have fun!  Pimpmaster Kenshou and his Ladies of BadAss show us how it's done! "What You Say!"  "For Great Zig!" Anime North 2001 also enjoyed an abundance of local fan media ready to archive the anime convention circuit.
Hangin' with Steve Bennett, whether at the American Cosplay Paradise group gathering, late at night at the Teletoons booth, or capturing more fans at random times, he's a magnet of the indomitable spirit of anime fandom in North America.
Having finally run out of things to see and do?  No way!  The fun hasn't stopped yet!  Check out the panels and workshops!

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