With a ton of new and returning Guests of Honor, Anime North 2001 enjoyed a prosperous weekend of excitement as fans lined up for autographs and packed into all the panel sessions to hear and talk about the latest projects each have been working on.

Anime North 2001
Guests of Honor

Fred Ladd: Considered one of the grandfathers of anime in North America, he was responsible for bringing most early anime to the US and Canada including Astroboy, Gigantor, G-Force, and Sailor Moon. Ben Dunn: Best known for his ever-popular Ninja High School publications, he has also created Warrior Nun Areala with Antarctic Press and came to Anime North to give fans an inside view into the manga publishing world. Tristin Citrine: Hailing from the United States, this multitalented lady came to Anime North again to lead workshops about cosplay and the cosplayer experience as well as drive photographers insane with her multitude of show-stopping costumes.
More Guests!

Keith Burgess: Company representative for Manga Entertainment, he is now voice for Oni and Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha movie as well as co-producer for End of Evangelion movie.
Julie Davis: Best known for her hard work on  Viz Communications' media products including Animerica, Ranma 1/2 and Ina-Yasha monthly comics.
The Mintz Boys: They brought their experience on Final Fantasy movie and Industrial Light and Magic to the hungry sci-fi fans.
Van Partible: Best known for his hilarious Johnny Bravo animation works, Partible brought to fans his experience on animation production.
Johnny Pham: When it came to mecha modeling, fans had only had to make one stop at this man to answer all their master modeling questions.
Peter Rebelo: Joining the master modeling queue, Rebelo brought to modeling fans his panel on building resin kits.
Mark Simmons: Undisputed expert of everything that is Gundam.
Studio Ironcat: The Ironcat team of convention personality favorites flew in to spread the news about the secret team who is going to take over the world: (left to right) Stephanie Brown (copy editor, expert costumer), Steve Bennett (co-founder, Art Director, Animator), and Doug Smith (graphic artist, voice actor for GoldenBoy, Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis 2040). (left to right) Shimpei Itoh and Mio Odagi: Shimpei Itoh brought to fans his longtime manga experience from his works including Apple Cinderella, Tokimeki High School, Angel Heart, Angel Attack, and much more.  Mio Odagi brought sunshine to Anime North with her long braids and traditional kimonos, and of course, her manga experience on manga titles such as Magical Mates and being a member of Ippongi Bang's Studio Do-Do.
And even more noted celebrities to look for: 

Elana Lang (winner of prestigious Kiwanis Music Festival awards and Anime North Red and White Show celebrity)
Leonard Kirk (Alien Nation, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Supergirl)
Dr. David Stephenson (Anime North resident sci-fi fan)
Fred Kay (fine collector of antique swords)
Frank Duncan (Jiu Jitsu Sensei and Bloorview MacMillan Centre)
Steve Trombley (4th dan in Shorin-ryu Karate Sensei and Kobudo weapons expert)
Charles Cridland (Kyodo archery expert)
Steven Savage (Anime North's Lord Kaga and back rub specialist)
Sailor Mac (Sailor Moon fan fictioneer)
Pandora MacMillan (head of Wandering Fanfic panel)
Fingers DeLaurus (Anime North resident sci-fi fan)
Kat Williams (A Shadowlanders Dream)
Derwin Mak (Fantasy and Sci-fi writer and crossplayer).
Sailor JAMboree: Best known for garnering top awards from various anime conventions for their audience-stunning performances inspired by Sera Myu Sailor Moon musicals in Japan, these ladies of senshi might and magic came to dazzle Anime North with even more cosplay and dance numbers sure to speed up the heartbeats of Sailor Moon fans everywhere.  Sailor JAMboree included (top left to top right): Chrissy, Gina, Erin, Annie, Charlene (aka the amazing Tristin Citrine), and (kneeling) the multitalented Diana Kou (voice actress in Tenshi Ni Narumon).

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