Masquerade Contest Night at Anime North 2001 was a cosplay and musical spectacle not to be missed as hundreds of fans packed into the hall amid a full house of lights and sound ready to show off the latest costume creations and crowd-pleasing performances for the audience.

Anime North 2001
Masquerade Contest Night

Let the show begin!  Masquerade contestants entertained the fans with extravagant walk-ons, single and group skits, and musical numbers.  Listed in order of appearance with contestant titles and use of character(s) from anime shows: "Sasami" from Tenchi Muyou!, "Psycho Fangirls National Anthem", "Siefer" from Final Fantasy 8, "Jyuri" from Utena, "Power Card" from Card Captor Sakura, "Dork the Manhole and his Lovely Colored Hookers" from Maho Tsukai Tai, "Merlin" from Sword and the Stone, "Sera Myu Sailor Saturn" from Sera Myu, "Golden Dragon", "Feathers" from Card Captor Sakura, "Vash the Stampede" from Trigun, "Kaiju Hunter", "Cyborg Kuru-chan", "Amiboshi's Latest CD Offer" from Fushigi Yuugi, "Ryouko" from Tenchi Muyou!, "Capcom Tag Tournament" from Street Fighter, "Smiling Souijiro" from Rurouni Kenshin, "Kino Makoto" from Sailor Moon, "Deedlit" from Record of Lodoss Wars, "Fulcon" from Escaflowne, "MCSPD Graduate School" from Gundam MS 08th Team, "Mister Ramoro" from Men in Black, "Ongoing Wars Between Subs and Dubs" from Sorcerer Hunters, "Kaien, Ellis, and Tracy" from Battle Arena Toshinden, "Rurouni Kenshin", "Cat's Eye" from Cat's Eye, "Tuxedo Mask" from Sailor Moon, "Mononoke Fantasy" from Mononoke Hime, "Ryouko Resurrected" from Tenchi Muyou!, "Devil Hunter Yohko and Azusa" from Devil Hunter Yohko, "Supaa-chan" from Card Captor Sakura, "Yukishino Tomoi", "Grifftith", "Digi Charat Girls" from Digi Charat, "Harlock" from Captain Harlock, "Sera Destiny" from Sera Myu Musicals, "Maya and Chocolat" from Bakuretsu Hunters, "Lord Van" from Escaflowne, "Basara and Perfect Zell" from Macross 7 Dynamite, "Shadow" from Final Fantasy 6, "Cast of Slayers" from Slayers, "Tour Guide Barbie" from Barbie, "Pretty Sammy, Azusa, and Merle", "Pimp It Up For The Ladies", "Sakura, Count D, and Mana", "Kenzaki Van" from Escaflowne, "Sa!" from Mamote Shoten, "Tuxedo Mask" from Sailor Moon, "Hired Goons Return" from Trigun, "Jyuri, Utena, and Mickey" from Utena, "Ruri Hoshino" from Nadesico, "Celebrity Neko Deathmatch", "Little Washuu" from Tenchi Muyou!, "Irregular Hunter Zero", "Fushigi Yuugi Gumi" from Fushigi Yuugi, "Ryoko Ukiyo" from Fushigi Yuugi, "Lorres and Hilda", "Deedlit" from Record of Lodoss Wars, "Kero-chan" from Card Captor Sakura, "Suzaku Nomiko" from Fushgi Yuugi, "Digi Charat Fijiko" from Digi Charat, "Gene Simmons the Demon" from KISS, and "Devil Hunters" from Devil Hunter Yohko.
Winner!  Judge's Award for Best Flute Construction for "Amiboshi's Latest CD Offer" from Fushigi Yuugi Winner!  Journeyman Award for Best Creature Construction for "Ryouko Resurrected" from Tenchi Muyou!
Winner!  Artisan Award for Best Weapons and Detail for "Harlock" from Captain Harlock Winner!  Novice Award for Best Recreation for "Fushigi Yuugi Gumi" from Fushigi Yuugi
Winner!  Novice Award for Best Presentation for "Mononoke Fantasy" from Mononoke Hime Winner!  Journeyman Award for Best Sailor Cabaret for "Sera Destiny" from Sera Myu Musicals
Winner!  Journeyman Award for Best Piņata for "Kero-chan" from Card Captor Sakura And many more winners and listed below!
Judges' Choice Awards:  Pretty in Pigtails Young Fans Award for #1 "Sasami", Best Vash the Stampede for #14 "Vash the Stampede", Best Flute Construction for #17 "Amiboshi's Latest CD Offer", Best Pattern Construction for #28 "Rurouni Kenshin", Best Armor Construction for #39 "Griffith", Best Foam Construction for #53 "Pimp It Up For The Ladies", Best Sword Construction for #61 "Ryuji, Utena, and Mickey", Honey-chan's Choice for #39 "Griffith", Best Wing and Border Construction for #67 "Fushigi Yuugi Gumi"

Judge's Worksmanship Awards: Best Novice Armor Construction for #70 "Deedlit", Best Journeyman Color Coordination Construction and Detail for #9 "Maho Tsukai Tai", Best Journeyman Feather Construction for #13 "Feathers", Best Journeyman Staff Construction for #29 "Cat's Eye", Best Journeyman Pattern Drafting Construction for #57 "Sa!", Best Journeyman Creature Construction for #34 "Ryouko Resurrected", Best Artisan Cyber Construction for #16 "Cyborg Kero-chan", Best Artisan Weapons and Detail Construction for #43 "Harlock", Best Artisan Weapons Construction for #75 "Devil Hunters"

Anime North 2001 Masquerade Presentation Awards: Novice Best Buster for #17 "Amiboshi's Latest CD Offer", Novice Most Kawaii for #41 "Digi Charat Girls", Novice Most Elegant for #11 "Sera Myu Sailor Saturn", Novice Best Weapon for #70 "Deedlit", Novice Most Beautiful for #38 "Yukishino Tomoi", Novice Best Presentation for #32 "Mononoke Fantasy", Novice Best Recreation for #67 "Fushigi Yuugi Gumi", Journeyman Best Sailor Cabaret for #44 "Sera Destiny", Journeyman Best Piņata for #71 "Kero-chan", Journeyman Best Smiley for "Sanosuke", Journeyman Best Anime Cat Fight for #63 "Celebrity Neko Deathmatch", Journeyman Best Original Humor for #60 "Hired Goons Return", Journeyman Best Costume for #13 "Feathers", Artisan Best Cyborg for #16 "Cyborg Kero-chan", Artisan Most Menacing for #43 "Harlock", Artisan Best Presentation for #27 "Kaien, Ellis, and Tracy", Artisan Best Warlock #53 "Pimp It Up For The Ladies"

And topping it off for the night it was #9 "Maho Tsukai Tai" that captured
Best of Show for Anime North 2001!

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