Panels and Seminars and Workshops, oh my!  Anime North 2001 offered a wide variety of panels featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and representatives from the domestic anime industry all heading healthy discussions on various exciting anime and manga-related topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, historical perspectives, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting throughout the weekend.  Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from.  If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime North 2001
Panels and Workshops 4

Cel Painting Workshop with Steve Bennett: Always wanted to know how anime is produced and painted?  Just a cel collector and want to dive into paints for an hour?  Studio Ironcat's Steve Bennett gave a tutorial on his cel painting expertise in the Quebec room and later moved the actual workshop to the Art Show where fans could gather materials, a free table space, and practice their skills at pushing paint on sheets of acrylic. Canadian vs. United States fandom: Panelists from both sides of the border discussed this issue at length and found out there's not much to be concerned about as fans from both countries enjoy a wealth of anime club access, big cities with shops to buy anime merchandise, and despite the language and economical differences, anime will always be a favorite hobby that will gather more interest as years and high technology progress.
Drag Costuming 101: Derwin Mak (left) and Tristen Citrine (right) shared their views of gender bending costuming to the curious audience and concluded that while certain biological differences are obstacles from tasteful male to female cosplay, the rules for applying makeup and clothing styles are pretty much the same as female-only cosplaying.  Topics that concerned males doing female cosplay included proper application of lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and the usual feminine attire to accentuate a softer curvier figure.  For many males, if it isn't their thing, the panel did at least help them to appreciate what females have to do every morning.
You Don't Know Anime Game Show: Think you got what it takes to be an anime expert?  With a fast-paced collection of quick trivia questions and mixture of offbeat hilarious answers, the Game Show led many rounds of spirited contestants on life journeys through anime shows like Super Cat Girl NukuNuku, Cowboy BeBop, Akira, Galforce, Outlaw Star, Ranma 1/2, Maze, Voltron, Yotoden, Utena, Darkstalkers, Legend of Crystania, Shamanic Princess, Burn Up W, Evangelion, Bastard!, Mahou Tsukai Tai, Escaflowne, Dangaioh, Ghost in the Shell, Street Fighter, Patlabor, Suikoden, Battle Angel, Petshop of Horrors, and much more.

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