From late evening to well into the night, Karaoke kept the fans crawling in ready to let loose their remaining hours of energy through popular J-pop, J-rock, or anime songs.

Anime North 2001

(above and below) Who would be winner of the fine Karaoke Contest trophy?  Only Anime North has the results...  ^_^  Following is a list of the contestants that participated in the Karaoke Tournament: Anna for Sailor Stars OP, Shannon and Christine for Successful Mission, Pam for Utena OP, Amy for Sailor Moon theme song, Carly for Vector, Steph for Hi Toru Nano, Heather for Fushigi Yuugi OP, Stella for Yuyu Hakusho OP, Candace for Fushigi Yuugi theme song, Heather for Utena theme song, Paul for Call Me Call Me, Andrei for Yukiwa, Jim for X's Forever Love, Tim for Glay's Survival, Jennifer for Tamashi no Refuran, and The Inept Players for Pirates!  Great job to all who participated!

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