With a dazzling array of guests and staging areas, Anime North 2001 filled up the weekend with lots of unique anime fan entertainment including a Red and White variety show, martials arts demonstrations, Sera Myu performances, Meet the Guests reception, courtyard lunches, Masquerade, and tons more activities that would not disappoint!

Anime North 2001
Main Events 1

Opening Ceremonies was off to a grand start as Guests of Honor were introduced with wide applause and the biggest Anime North weekend would pack in a huge load of panels and events.  Bios on all the attending Guests of Honor and notable fans throughout Anime North history can be found in the Guests section. First of the dazzling events schedule, the Red and White Show, hosted by John Martin, started off with an amazing introduction by award-winning singer Elana Lang who mesmerized the audience with popular theme songs from Tenchi Muyou!, Macross Plus, and more.  More about Elana in the Guests section.
Following up, the Best Voice of the variety show gathered up volunteers from the audience to let loose a showdown on Best Laugh, from which upcoming voice actress Diana Kou unanimously won for her new voice in upcoming anime series Tenshi Ni Narumon.  More about Diana in the Guests section. Sensei Steve Trombley led his group of dedicated students on a staged demonstration for the martial arts fans that included basic skills, use of weapons, and then sparring techniques.  More about Steve Trombley in the Guests section.
Sailor JAMboree, a popular all-female cosplay group inspired by the live-action Sailor Moon musicals (Sera Myu) in Japan, excited the fans even more with rockin' music and dance choreography that is second to none.  More about Sailor JAMboree in the Guests section. Only the tip of the iceberg, Anime North had yet to deliver a feast of activities and weekend pleasure for all the attending anime fans yearning to escape reality and dive into fantasy for a couple of days.  On to more events!

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