It's a big world out there and LLNN expanded its anime convention coverage into the Northwest American region with Sakura Con 2001 in Everett, Washington and Sakura Con 2002-2004 in Seattle, Washington.

Sakura Con 2001
LLNN Travelogue

"This is your Captain speaking.  We are now inbound towards Washington and as you look to your left, you can see a great view of the horizon as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean." Arriving at Seattle Airport (SEATAC), the weather was cold and rainy, typical April forecast for Northwestern region, but don't let that stop you!
Ford Explorer: Our choice vehicle for any new environment, plus the fact that we like SUVs and large trucks in general. Traffic was light and very easy to navigate through from Seattle Airport up to Everett, a good 40 minute drive with lots of great scenery. Outside the hotel, you were reminded of the lush forestry region amid the fresh country air of Everett.
Gas prices were... low! And lower still, laughing at us everywhere...  we eventually did take advantage of those low low low prices... Alaska Airlines, our economical choice for ontime travel to Sakura Con 2001.
Thanks to the helpful folks from Alaska Airlines for a tasty snack and beverage...  =^.^=

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