Only the ultimate anime and manga fan would have everything and then some under their roof.  For many fans, that's still a pipe dream, but we can all have our dreams run aplenty in the Dealers Room where you could pick and choose through a great selection of vendors showing off large displays of STUFF to purchase.  Lotsa stuff!  Artbooks, posters, pendants, dolls, plushies, mangas, clocks, CDs, LDs, DVDs, videotapes, wallscrolls, postcards, keychains, and much more!

Sakura Con 2001
Dealers Room Gallery 2

Attending dealers were: The Animazing, Anime Cafe, Anime Gambit, Anime Jungle, Anime Kingdom, Anime Pavilion, Area 51 Anime & Hobbies, Comic Cellar, Digital Discs, Everett Cards and Comics, Faerie Fingers, Imagination International, House of Anime, International Models and Toys, Kinokuniya, ND Comics, Oriental Delights, Planet Anime, Studio Ironcat, and US Anime

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