Amid big guest announcements, a large array of panels to discuss fan and industry concerns, and plenty of major fan activities for the fans, Sakura Con 2001 packed in the numbers with numerous convention events including a Meet the Guests Reception Dinner, Music Videos Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Sakura Cosplay Contest Night, and an ANCEA Charity Auction to benefit the Seattle Chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation.

Sakura Con 2001
Major Sakura Events

Every convention has an awesome Opening and Closing Ceremonies, but what's clearly important is the meat on the bone and Sakura had plenty to wow the audience with: an AIC promotional trailer "Magical Witchland" done in full-CG by GoH Mr. Hiroki Hayashi, Kevin Caldwell's inspiring "Believe" music video featuring Battle Athletes (one of Mr. Hayashi's works) from AX2000, Son Lee's "Adolescene Apolcalypse" featuring Utena from Otakon, and a special 3-D Motorball race clip music video featuring Battle Angel Alita from Japan.  Hitting the 1500-member mark, a special announcement met with tons of applause was Sakura's choice to move to the newly renovated Seattle Airport Hilton Hotel and Convention Center near SEATAC from 2002 to 2004.  Next year's Friday-Sunday Sakura odyssey begins on April 26th-28th, 2002! Attendees who visited or participated in displaying works inside the convention's Art Show gallery could see some of the top bidded pieces go up on the auction block at the Sakura Art Auction for high stakes and great prices for both winning bidders and artists.  Pieces featured included numerous local talent and original artwork from the SakuraCon resident artist himself.  Further on, the auction merged into the Asia-Northwest Cultural Education Association ANCEA Charity Auction where donated sketches and autographs by the Guests of Honor helped benefit the Seattle Chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation.
Above and below: At the Meet the Guests Reception Dinner, attendees could pay a small fee to sit in with Guests of Honor and chat and share stories about the good old days under a comfortable luxurious light and eating great food.  Guests of Honor included: Hiroki Hayashi, Mitsutaka Iguchi, Lia Sargent, Steve Bennett, Lorraine Reyes, and many more!

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