Mixing social commentary with illustrations, videos, or examples of subject material, the discussion panels were the best place to learn about a new realm of hot topics within the anime and manga marketplace and industry.  For many fans, it was a time to reflect and explore the growth and diversity of the local anime community and see how involved everyone really was for this year.  Much applause goes out to all the panelists, moderators, and participating fans who breathed spirit and life into the panels.

Sakura Con 2001
Panels Summary 1

Costuming 101: Professional costumer Melissa Quinn (right) of Faerie Fingers and a fellow cosplayer focused on the art of costuming in part 1 of 2 of an informational series of cosplay design.  Assembling together a complete costume takes quite a bit of personal time and creative work involving combinations of textiles like PVC, polyester, twill, satin, nylon, and other wide assortments of natural and artificial fabrics.  More importantly, presentation is the key to producing a convincing and durable costume, for example, using interfacing to give stiffness and body to collars and uniforms, using shoe covers or quality spray paint for shoes, trying various colored wigs, applying auto paints for armor, trying platform shoes for character height and stature, as well as other visual enhancements at a very low or reasonable cost.  Other topics also gave helpful tips on finding inexpensive online fabric shops and illustrations were given to show easy fabric cuts that would help enhance the costume in mind.
Foods of Japan: In a country that is built upon respect and harmony between humans and nature, this panel focused on the proper techniques and preparations involved when cooking Japanese foods as well as taking a side street into the realm of popular ready-to-eat quick snacks.  Topics included how to prepare sushi, using the proper cooking and eating utensils, searching for the best Japanese kitchen reference books, cooking techniques when using bok choy, stir fry, stews, and soy sauces, drinking popular energy beverages for day or night, and finding the best snacks like shrimp chips and pocky sticks in asian and local grocery stores.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Recalling glorious war stories of the LoGH universe like seasoned soldiers, Lee Thompson (left) and Hank Wong (right) brought newbies and hardcore fans up to date with the latest news, rumors, and release information from online resources like LoGH.net and various LoGH mailing lists.  The popularity of Legend of Galactic Heroes has steadily risen and numerous questions were raised on the technical and military use of German language and visual design in the series, frequent uses of foreshadowing and possible spoilers in the opening and closing credits, on CD covers, LD covers, and magazines, and using the anime community links for acquiring fan subs.  The hardest part about being an LoGH fan involved with fan sub community is finding a good Japanese translator for the series who knows military and college terms that are used  frequently throughout the series.  LoGH is an intense show and it's easy to miss crucial scenes that enhance the show's use of foreshadowing.  Updates were given on a new side series "Golden Wings" being released that will focus on the first meeting of LoGH leaders Rheinhard and Yang Wen-Li, followed by additional releases of BGM CDs, box sets, music samplers, and Tenth Year Anniversary LoGH movie and OAVs.  Inside the LoGH community, interest was high on an LoGH marathon and encouraging mailing list fans to avoid certain explanations and questions from Japanese fans since they often assume American fans have seen the entire show.
AIC with Mr. Hiroki Hayashi and Mr. Mitsutaka Iguchi: Delivering an inspiring high quality anime show has always been an arduous task for the immensely popular and talented AIC (Anime International Company) as noted by Guests of Honor Mr. Hiroki Hayashi (second left on mic) and Mr. Mitsutaka Iguchi (right).  The actual studio itself is quite small and not as grand as most fans believe, but the majority of popular anime most fans see is pumped straight out of their design center.  Explanations were given about AIC's seasoned history with OAV and TV titles like Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyou!, Sol Bianca, El Hazard, and Battle Athletes, as well as research and finished products on computer-generated anime that would eventually do away with most cel-based animation and enhance the traditional 2-D visual techniques.  Topics also included technical concerns about human motion captures and artificial character exaggerations used during the CG animation process that did not really stay true to the original art of 2-D animation used today, so AIC has taken steps to ensure that artistic character movement quality is not compromised for production efficiency.
Running an Anime Themed Freeform RPG: As difficult as it is to produce an anime show, fans of the RPG community often find it just as hard to assemble and run an RPG based on any numerous anime shows.  Essential elements for a quality game include solid leaders, clearly defined character roles and responsibilities, staying consistent with the RPG plot, and having good moderators and directors keep the pace steady and the game and players on track.  Topics also included writing own material for story enhancements, additional rules for freeform campaigns, and acceptable behavior for RPG characters. Northwestern Anime Clubs: Rich in diversity and club cultures, the discussion turned into a united resource of information and updates with a convergence of subbing groups, university clubs, translators interested in helping out, leaders of the fan community like Isaac Alexander being duly noted for fan enthusiasm and outspoken NW club support, and online personalities giving Internet resources.  Conversation included increases in female members and leaders for anime clubs, interest in new shows like Card Captor Sakura and Revolutionary Girl Utena, recruiting club members for anime convention staffing and translators, and updates on other conventions like RustyCon and various science fiction conventions.

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