Mixing social commentary with illustrations, videos, or examples of subject material, the discussion panels were the best place to learn about a new realm of hot topics within the anime and manga marketplace and industry.  For many fans, it was a time to reflect and explore the growth and diversity of the local anime community and see how involved everyone really was for this year.  Much applause goes out to all the panelists, moderators, and participating fans who breathed spirit and life into the panels.

Sakura Con 2001
Panels Summary 3

Guest Panel with Lia Sargent:  With the dubbed anime market growing by 70-75% as voice actors and actresses produce better quality character acting, respected industry leaders like Lia Sargent, who's been loyal to the anime scene for over 8 years, have continuously paved the way to achieve a level of English dialogue that is as close to the original Japanese meaning as possible without compromising drama or humor unique to anime.  Conversation delved into topics of fanaticism and voice purity, delivery of voice talent, challenges in voice timing, and getting jobs done quickly and efficiently with local new or seasoned vocal talents.
Costuming 201: Professional costumer and designer Melissa Quinn of Faerie Fingers brought the cosplayer community together once again in part 2 of 2 of her art of cosplay design.  Using points taken from the previous Costuming 101, Melissa delved into the more advanced areas of managing costume fabrics involving shoulder hangs, grain cuts, patterns, bonding agents, and shopping resources.  When managing fabrics based on complex shoulder hangs and garments needing extra body, uses of felt and other fabrics were recommended to give more volume and character to the area needing refinement.  The same applies to other body areas like shoe and boot covers.  For complex and intricate trims and tight cuts, use of waxed butcher paper was explained was recommended to help assist in clean sharp cuts.  Quilt techniques were often mentioned as being a major inspiration on being able to piece together the complex shapes and patterns seen on such anime shows like Tenchi Muyou! and El Hazard.  Those who want the very best and most accurate of accessories and textile resources can look to pleather (plastic leather) for J-rock costumes, military surplus stores for LoGH or police costumes, Steam-a-Seam or Heat-n-Bond bonding appliqués for easy fusible seams on simple and complex areas.  Additional notes for newbies interested in the exciting and growing world of cosplay involved planning the costume to be built in parts and shopping around at garage sales, home and garden stores, and various arts and craft stores for components that could enhance the costume without breaking the piggy bank.
Dark Horse Comics: Best known for such long-running and popular American releases like Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira and Adam Warren's American version of Dirty Pair, Dark Horse Comics also gave updates on great titles like Lone Wolf and Cub, Blade, Super Manga Blast, Ghost in the Shell, Gunsmith Cats, Seraphic Feather, Hellboy, Requiem, Oh! My Goddess!, You're Under Arrest!, Morning Star, and much more.  Topics also included possible digital promotions to spur sales and a deal with Digital Manga in the works.
Anime Fan Radio Plays: With the increase of professional anime dub efforts also comes along the amateur efforts as exemplified in this panel.  Topics included acquiring good producers, good vocal talents, scheduling recording sessions, and the laborious and highly technical process of sound engineering.  Attendees could also listen to a sample of Sailor Moon Scouts, an amateur English-dubbed episode of the original Sailor Moon TV show which was produced entirely over the Internet. Introduction to Studio Ghibli: With abundant resources provided by Nausicaa.net, this informative panel showed promotional video previews on such well-known favorites like Castle in the Sky (Laputa), My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Only Yesterday, Porco Rosso, Raccoon War Pompoko, Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbors the Yamadas, and a new upcoming release about a girl and the haunting supernatural.

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