Built on the promise of expanding anime interest into Northwestern anime community, Sakura Con finished another successful year with great Guests of Honor and many cool things to attend, but what about the undocumented activities and unbridled fan flavor?  Here we show you some things worth mentioning that may pop eyeballs and spur pre-registration for next year!

Sakura Con 2001
LLNN Commentary and Miscellaneous Alien Sightings

Misato cosplayer from Neon Genesis Evangelion shows PenPen the secrets of urban life by hacking into a vending machine for the goodies. Victory for the Jion Empire!  Mobile Suit Red Comet Zaku proudly holds the head of a Gundam Wing after the Sakura Cosplay Contest. "Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb!"  Odd T-shirts ran aplenty here at Sakura Con including those based on the All Your Base Are Belong To Us fan phenomena that has been sweeping the country.
Knights of White Satin give their own version of "encore performance" with a fan service cheesecake shot after the Sakura Cosplay Contest In our vast library of surreal shots, we give you another one that captures the essence and flavor of the anime convention scene.  Two fans eagerly waiting for Art Auction to start silently chat during the last panel of the day.
Sakura Con 2001 shirts featuring characters from Guest of Honor Hiroki Hayashi's works were for sale in the Dealers Room. "Puu!" says Mokona-chan inside the Dealers Room on a crowded Saturday.  With some free time, LLNN made a few anime purchases, too! Thanks to the technical camera and recording setup for Sakura Con, the convention now has their own video archive division and was able to replay the Cosplay Contest the next day.
The Sakura Con 2001 Program Book with Big O theme was packed with plenty of information about major events, Guests of Honor, panels, games, and much more! The popular Sakura Taisen main character featured on membership badges for those lucky folks who pre-registered. Missed something?  Needed a recap on yesterday's top events and panels?  Then stop by the Info Desk and pick up The Sakura Conduit, Sakura Con's official free newsletter service.

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