Mixing social commentary with illustrations, videos, or examples of subject material, the discussion panels were the best place to learn about a new realm of hot topics within the anime and manga marketplace and industry.  For many fans, it was a time to reflect and explore the growth and diversity of the local anime community and see how involved everyone really was for this year.  Much applause goes out to all the panelists, moderators, and participating fans who breathed spirit and life into the panels.

Sakura Con 2001
Panels Summary 4

Bandai Entertainment: A frequent industry sponsor and supplier of the immensely useful Dealers Room bags for numerous anime conventions around the United States, Bandai's representative Jerry Chu gave updates to the release schedule including shows like Fancy La-la, Gundam Wing, Silent Mobius TV, Brain Powerd TV, Love Hino TV, Blue Submarine Number 6, the possibility of Cowboy BeBop, and a new line of US-only anime toys.  Jerry also reiterated Bandai's expressed interest in distributing more anime into Canada's anime-hungry audiences and looking into securing rights for anime songs and BGM soundtrack releases.  And with a flair of generosity, some lucky attending fans were rewarded with a raffle of free DVDs and posters promoting the latest anime releases.
ADV Films: Beneficial sponsor and popular distributor for most anime conventions these days, ADV Films panel gave updates on their current release schedule with titles like Gasaraki which is selling through their partner The Right Stuf and work on the Goldenboy DVD, Evangelion Movie DVD, and Rurouni Kenshin Movie DVD.  Topics also included pushing the VHS titles towards the DVD format, pondering the possibilities and circumstances of a fansub line for old releases in which master source material does not exist anymore, and media differences with Japan in which the Japanese entertainment industry classify DVD format as interactive software so it is extremely difficult to obtain certain copyrights and artist permissions.
The Internet and Anime: While the Internet is often wrongfully perceived as electronic freedom gone rampant, it is actually the best resource and information tool for the anime collector.  The panel gave abundant examples of online shopping resources, downloadable show translations, and popular trading and collector community websites.  Topics also included income brackets able to afford access to the Internet and buy anime, Napster concerns, Internet bandwidth, mailing lists for anime cosplay tips, and the increase of anime promotions over the web. Studio Ironcat: Steve Bennett of Studio Ironcat provided SakuraCon fans with a little history of the Ironcat empire, including stories about Doug Smith, cel workshops, and artistic notes.  Never shy to humor the dedicated audience, Steve observed that Doug Smith (VA for Goldenboy's Kintaro) was much like Kintaro himself: studious note-taking, saving, checking, artistic, quiet, and just plain weird.  After the successful cel workshop, interest was high in possibly using the attending cel painters during the workshop hours to actually paint real cels to be used in a Sakura opening video.  And finally humorous examples were noted to explain the differences between being an animator and an artist: an animator collects just a few things to a limited extent, and an artist collects everything in the name of research.
Voice Acting with Lia Sargent and Pam Lauer: With new projects and releases on the horizon, voice industry leader Lia Sargent and voice actress Pam Lauer detailed their work on various anime projects and announced new vocal talents that are sure to gather fans in the years to come. Evolution of Fan Subbing: Subtitling and distributing any anime show to the masses for free is not an easy task as illustrated with technical concerns and issues given at the panel like finding good video sources, good translations, subtitle timing, transfers of LD to tape, managing mailing lists and distribution channels, and keeping track of shows that go into commercial distribution so the fansub can be pulled from the fansub distribution list.
Additional panels held at SakuraCon 2001: Fan Fiction, Cel Collecting, Koto: Past and Present, Guest panel with Hiroki Hayashi, Osamu Tezuka Retrospective, Seismic Japan, Anime Trading Cards, Japanese Live Action Dramas, Bungie Software, Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association, Manga Entertainment, Online Role Playing, and Enix Software.

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