Enthusiasm was high at Sakura Con 2001 as Guests of Honor from across the United States and Japan came to enjoy the convention events and panels and the fans.

Sakura Con 2001
Guests of Honor

Lia Sargent (voice actress in El Hazard, Ninja Cadets, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Saber Marionette J, and many more) at her autograph session Mitsutaka Iguchi (CG Director for Magical Witchland with Hiroki Hayashi) at his autograph session Hiroki Hayashi (Creator/Director of AIC's Magical Witchland, Pioneer's Tenchi Muyou! and El Hazard) at his autograph session
Additional attending Sakura Con 2001 Guests of Honor:

Lorraine Reyes: ADV Art Director and Senior Artist (1994-98) and Art/Creative Director of Marketing for Bungie Software Products, Inc. (1998-present), she has worked on over a 100 anime titles for the domestic market and continues her artistic quest into the gaming venue.
Mary Ohno of Kabuki Academy: An accomplished Kabuki performer and "Goodwill Ambassador" from Tokyo, Japan, Mary brought to Sakura her wonderful Kabuki Academy panel for everyone's enjoyment.
Pam Lauer: ADV voice actress for the Original Dirty Pair, New Kimagure Orange Road, Those Who Hunt Elves, and Dragon Knight
Antonia Levi: Author of "Samurai from Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation" and several articles about anime in "Toni-chan Explains It All" which runs in Animeco
Elizabeth Falconer of Taka Koto: Elizabeth performed a rousing Koto string ensemble for Sakura Opening Ceremonies and gave a Koto panel for the musically inclined.
Steve Bennett of Japanese manga translation and publishing house Studio Ironcat at his autograph session

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