Informative panels and discussions involving the growing trend of anime and manga within the United States ran the usual track, coupling together favorite industry guests and fans reminiscing great stories and community concerns. 

SugoiCon 2000
Panels 4

"Children's" Anime Adults Can Enjoy: Concerned parents talked about their experiences with anime and children, avoiding shows like Urotsukidoji, explaining Sailor Moon's or Pretty Sammi's transformation sequences, dealing with parental differences in My Neighbor Totoro's more traditional aspects, watching quality anime shows like Magic Knight Rayearth, and defining what cartoons are and aren't healthy for today's children. Sexism in Anime: Scott Frazier discussed the delicate range of topics through cultural differences in how Japanese and Americans feel about the sexual innuendos or blatant displays of loss of innocence in modern anime.  In Japan, there is no clearly defined age of consent; Japanese are just as concerned as Americans about sexism, but are more relaxed on enforcing proper treatment within the entertainment industry.  Sexism is clearly defined as exclusivity, humiliating women, treating them as objects of sexual desire, and is a subject that bothers Scott and others in the anime industry.  Examples of shows exhibiting scenes of this nature were Plastic Little and Nurse Nanako.
The Changing Face of the Internet and Anime: Moderators led a heated discussion with some audience members about freely distributing copyrighted images with good intentions but without the blessed permission of the original artists, webpages that praise the studios and their works with tons of great fan art, and respect for the artists' works. Additional panels also held: What's Up at Studio IronCat (Steve Bennett and Doug Smith), Behind the Voice Lies a Face (Matt Miller and Tenchi Muyou!), Comics One, Conventioneering 101, Science and Anime, Erotica and Censorship in Japan and the United States, When is a Blazing Sword Not Just a Blazing Sword?, and Nadelman Vs. Noodleman (subs vs. dubs).
Closing Ceremonies proudly closed the curtains on a very well-managed first-time SugoiCon for the year 2000 and set forth ideas for next year's Sugoi party.  Guests were introduced again: Ms. Akira Gajou (manga artist for Love Drive and Love Touch), Doug Smith (Studio IronCat), Matt K. Miller (English voice of Tenchi Masaki), Neil Nadelman (CPM translator for Pioneer, Software Sculptors, Manga Entertainment, Right Stuf, Anime Village), Robert DeJesus (Ninja High School artist and PlayStation Magazine staff), Steve Bennett (Studio IronCat and seasoned anime industry professional at Studio Aoehyma), Corn Pone Flicks (Dave Merrill's old school anime elite fan unit), and Scott Frazier (Staff for anime industry studios Artland, TAO Corporation Ltd., Production IG, and Trimedia and is a seasoned anime industry professional). 

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