Informative panels and discussions involving the growing trend of anime and manga within the United States ran the usual track, coupling together favorite industry guests and fans reminiscing great stories and community concerns. 

SugoiCon 2000
Panels 1

Super-Dimensional Panel: Macross: Dana Weaver (left) and Neil Nadelman (right) direct the conversation through topics ranging from the essential timeline from the beginning of Macross to Macross 7 and beyond.  Questions answered and thoughts provoked, Macross fans were assured that the spirit was still alive within the Super-dimensional community. Nose the the Grindstone and Pen to the Pad: Steve Bennett (left) and Robert DeJesus (right) discuss the highs and lows of working in the manga industry.  Topics featured strong artistic motivation and discipline, fan appreciation, missing deadlines, free artwork highlights and horror story woes, critiquing fan artwork, crazy fan devotion, and simply being innovative and original. 
Religion and Anime: Lara Hoffman-Smith (left) and Nate Burk (right) spoke about the ever-important parental concerns about the growing popularity of anime stretching across the American Bible belt.  Topics also involved proper convention etiquette and taking care of your kids at the convention.  Open minds are always welcome, but fans must also be careful how they delve into a hobby that has vast cultural and religious differences. Fanfic: What's Going On?  Stan Bundy (left) spoke about his long fan history of writing Robotech fictions and sharing them for good or for worse with fellow fans.  Fred Lee Cane (center) spoke about his creation of "Sugoi" the official convention mascot and her wild adventures through space and time with excerpts from his Sugoi stories.  Steven P. Cornett (right) led the discussion into creating and developing characters and plots and how and where to post your stories for all to read and share.   
Scott Frazier: Uncensored!:  Scott Frazier, an experienced industry professional within the domestic and foreign anime communities, spoke about his adventurous history of working in the Japanese anime industry.  Topics dipped into lessons learned from directors, producers, animators, painters, hosting radio shows, and training young anime enthusiasts.  Some examples Scott illustrated for the audience featured how key animators use in-between pencil-inkers to smoothly blend key scenes together to deliver stylishly animated scenes.

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