An anime convention is not complete without a long list of essential favorites that attract attendees...  it's what makes a convention a successful convention!  And newborn SugoiCon, learning from their big brother and sister Midwestern anime conventions Otakon and Anime Central, certainly offered a good load of things to see and do.

SugoiCon 2000
Convention  Necessities

Main Programming room featured tracks that ranged from guest interviews to industry panels and movie premieres to fan fun activities. Registration held its own at a nice weekend attendance of approximately 450 people.  Exact figures may be found on the SugoiCon website.
Left: Two Video Rooms and the Main Programming Room were available to show off subbed videos from domestic anime-distribution companies.  Here's a sample list of titles that were shown:  Megazone 23, X the Movie, Dual, Sailor Moon R the Movie, Cowboy BeBop, Trigun, Nurse Nanako, Excel Saga, Magic Knight Rayearth, Gasaraki, Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team, Legend of Black Heaven, Blue Submarine, Outlaw Star, Please Save My Earth, Gundam Wing, Utena, Rurouni Kenshin, Silent Mobius, and much more!
Did you get your SugoiCon 2000 t-shirt?  It was available in the Dealers Room and quickly sold out by the middle of Sunday.  Artwork was done by Steve Bennett exclusively for SugoiCon 2000. SugoiCon 2000 Program Books and website artwork had numerous versions of "Sugoi" the cute mascot done by several fan artists from around the country.  Above is the last version done by Lionel Lum exclusively for SugoiCon 2000.

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