LLNN has never been to Ohio or Kentucky, so coming to SugoiCon meant not just doing the usual report, but also doing a little exploring around the region to sample a bit of the life around the area.  With our LLNN Chicago Unit "Akane" and "Oldcrow", we were able to dine on delicious Kentucky steak and see a bit of Cincinnati at night. 

SugoiCon 2000
Extra Oddities and Commentary

Above and below: Old Cincinnati and Kentucky aren't shockingly different from the rest of the world, but it's interesting to look at the architectures and surrounding buildings and see things you wouldn't normally see back home in Silicon Valley where the LLNN California Unit comes from.  "Akane" and "Oldcrow" (Chicago Unit) drove us around and pointed out the huge churches that are the staple institutions in this Bible belt, the dimly-lit roads that wrap around in circles, the wealth of steak and chili restaurants, the small mini-malls next to gas stations with truck-feasting diesel pumps everywhere, banks and law offices that look like old Victorian mansions, and of course, most notably the thick Kentucky accent that "Kyou" (California Unit) started picking up.  ^_^  Scary...
Above and below: Longhorn and Shells, the two fabulous places for an awesome dinner.  Longhorn's "juicy and delicious" prime rib feast for $20 was a must-eat and should not be missed for any anime fan, we don't care how poor you are.  The decor is festooned with tons of animals with horns... and even fishes and birds with horns... if you can believe such a thing here in Kentucky.  Shell's salmon dinner was absolutely excellent, cooked to perfection, moist and tender, and literally melting in the mouth, as it should be, not dry to the tongue.
"Akane" from LLNN Chicago Unit poses next to her car just before we left for a scenic tour around Kentucky that took longer to find a place to eat than it took to eat. LLNN staff "Eug" (left-Chicago Unit), "Kyou" (center-California Unit), and "Kken" (right-Chicago Unit) relax for a while in between panels to discuss the usual business: "K1" our DDR King is going to kick some butt at the DDR tournament and we can't miss that now, can we...  hehehe
SugoiCon staffer Bill Johnson of Registration dutifully counts up the magical numbers.  SugoiCon 2000 topped out at a total of 522 memberships for their first time!  Great job! SugoiCon staffer Greg Spahr of Vendor Liasons strikes an action pose!  Valiant SugoiCon 2000 Chairman Dana Weaver strikes a classic pose... towards the future!
As always, special thanks go to all the SugoiCon 2000 staffers who delivered a fantastic convention and worked long hours to make sure everything ran on time and all the attendees were happy as clams. 

LLNN California Unit also thanks our Chicago Unit and Ohio Unit staff: Eug, Kken, K1, Akane, Oldcrow, Gubaba, Bill-sama, and GoofyGuy for making sure this report is as accurate as possible. 

And thanks to Delta Airlines for the in-flight steak dinner... ^.^

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