Informative panels and discussions involving the growing trend of anime and manga within the United States ran the usual track, coupling together favorite industry guests and fans reminiscing great stories and community concerns. 

SugoiCon 2000
Panels 2

The Game Show: Organized and hosted by long-time game show veteran host Ryan Gavigan, the show featured various unique themes and quizzical subjects and difficulty levels that either amused or confounded the well-packed audience. Anime Hell: Dave Merrill and his trusty band of Corn Pone Flicks crew showed an extensive array of fan-based videos that parodied various anime and American/Japanese TV shows and movies.  A must-see for the Midwestern fans who love the sort of stuff hardcore anime fans are made of.
Anime Club Roundtable: Moderators Yad, Aric, and Kenneth led the discussion for young and seasoned anime club members into helping groups build interest and enjoyment for new and old shows.  Concerns were also brought up about the fan craze involving Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, and Macross and how clinging to such wildly popular and established shows might create club conflicts with a club constitution that honors diversity and open minds. Con Stories from Hell:  Scott Frazier (left) and Neil Nadelman (right) share hilarious flashbacks with the audience about their surreal anime convention experiences.  Subjects covered insane and excessive guest behavior, drinking games, Stanley Kubrick moments, numerous vomit stories, the classic AX2000 Cake Story and Ultra Lounge ultimate party fest, and various other unique experiences that go on during Otakon, Anime Central, AX, Anime Iowa, and Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Writing Better Fanfics: Stan Bundy (far left) of Robotech fanfics and Robotech RPGs, Ryan Mathews (second left) of online fiction and newsgroups, Tony Figueroa (second right), and Steven P. Cornett (far right) of fanfics resources piloted the discussion into fanfic creation and improvement.  Topics featured copyrights, crossover potentials, technical imagery for mecha-heavy fictions, professional fiction hints for reading improvements, stories dominated by too much dialogue and not enough imagery, one-hour write-outs, sharing and critiquing new fanfics, unique stylish song-fictions, elaborate epics, possible contamination from fan sources versus purity of the original spirit of the shows or manga from which the fiction was inspired, and contacts for submissions.  Anime shows mentioned for popular fiction development were Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, BubbleGum Crisis, Tokimeki Memorial, Robotech, Megazone 23, Sailor Moon, Kimagure Orange Road, Evangelion, Utena, and much more.  Fanfic mailing list can be reached at: and IRC resource can be reached at: on #fanfic.

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