Here it is folks, the bread and butter of all convention experiences: the fan forum platform.  Where else can you interact with fellow anime attendees and participate in anime workshops and discussion groups than in this category of the convention.  Listed below are some of the Anime Central 99 panels, discussions, activities, or workshops held in the Main Programming or Live Programming rooms.

Panels Gallery 2

Cel Painting workshop: fans gathered into a packed room to get a chance to learn how to paint their very own anime cels. panel: a representative discusses with fans future projects and receives friendly input on what the fans would like to see coming out from Bandai's new anime distribution company.  You can visit at
Bungie Software panel: producers of Myth, Myth II, and Marathon discuss their latest 3D game projects and developments. Scott Frazier's Beyond TV Safety: Mr. Frazier holds a discussion about the good and bad points of Japanese anime at large and how cultural differences can confuse the American TV audiences now and in the future.
Pikachu says "Hi!" from the Volunteers Room.  LLNN gives a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped keep Anime Central's nervous system alive and well throughout the weekend. Anime Modeling workshop: owners of garage model kits, resin kits, and easy plastic kits discuss the finer points of construction, custom painting, refabrication of stock parts, and designing dioramas.
Voice Acting panel: Amanda Winn Lee and Crispin Freeman talk about their personal and professional experiences in the voice acting industry. Bishonen Fest: one of the funniest panels held, female fans talk and laugh about their favorite sexy male characters from various anime shows.
Viz Dub Your Own Anime workshop: fans can get a chance to record their own voices into a Ranma 1/2 episode and see and hear the results with fellow attendees. Future of Anime: notable figures in the anime world discuss the current and future technical possibilities of anime production, collectibility, and fandom at large as we proceed further into the electronic frontier.

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