Yep, you know how it goes.   You walk in with nothing but big eyes and a fat wallet and come out with bigger eyes and too many bags of anime stuff.  And yet, it is not enough.  You must walk in again... and again...  Fans were pleased this year with a larger 7500 square foot Exhibit Hall packed with more dealers and unique and common items of the anime genre ranging from popular shows like Pokemon and Sailor Moon to older shows like Bubblegum Crisis and Megazone 23.   Standing room only, folks.  Shown here is the second photo collection of how large and diverse the Hall was.

Exhibit Hall Gallery 2

(continued from Exhibit Hall Gallery 1)...SF & Anime Shop AREA 51, Musashi Enterprises, Anime Pavilion, Manga Entertainment,...
...Joy's Japanimation, Anime Toy and Hobby, Digital Discs, Media Blasters, Neko-Con,...
...KatsuCon, Otakon, Anime Fest, Fantasicon,, and Dan Kanemitsu.

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