This year, Anime Central 99 was held at the Ramada O'Hare Plaza Hotel, located in Rosemont, Illinois, a mere 15 minutes away from Chicago O'Hare International Airport and about a half-hour away from downtown Chicago (home of the Sears Tower, Tribune, and other well-known Chicago buildings).  For future Anime Central 99 hotel reference information, please click on their website at:


Able pack in numerous programming events and activities, the hotel had several choices of luxury and economy rooms and also provided its own airport shuttle service.
Located near the lobby entrance were several restaurants and bars where fans could grab a quick bite to eat, a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just kick back with friends over a drink and strike up a conversation about the latest convention or anime news.
LLNN hotel lunch: mushroom burger and fries with a tall cold glass of Coke. LLNN hotel dinner: Salmon with vegetable salad and coffee (for the long night ahead!) The hotel rooms also offered data lines for those with laptops and modems handy.  While LLNN has the technical ability to provide on-the-hour convention coverage like, we like to think that we can enjoy the convention experience, relax, and write up our reports later upon our return back to LLNN Operations.  In fact, it is not in LLNN's interest to compete, rather we encourage more innovative convention reports to happen in the future.

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