Here it is folks, the bread and butter of all convention experiences: the fan forum platform.  Where else can you interact with fellow anime attendees and participate in anime workshops and discussion groups than in this category of the convention.  Listed below are some of the Anime Central 99 panels, discussions, activities, or workshops held in the Main Programming or Live Programming rooms.

Panels Galley 1

Meet Yuji Moriyama panel: discussing past, current, and future projects and influences in the ever-changing world of anime Anime Online panel: discussing the World Wide World, email fan groups, chat rooms, and Usenet NewsGroups in the electronic world of anime.
Growing Up as a Fan in Japan discussion group: personal experiences from fans who lived in Japan for a while and how anime and anime fandom is perceived overseas as opposed to America. Fan Animation Forum: fans exhibit their latest computer generated or cel-animated animation works and discuss the finer points of planning, development, and execution.
Anime Fan Fiction discussion group: from email groups, Usenet stories, and published works, fans discuss their latest works and review the how-tos of developing one's own anime-inspired stories. Guests of Honor signing (english voice actors/actresses), with voice acting discussion first.
Guests of Honor signing (english voice actors/actresses), attending: Amanda Winn Lee, Lisa Ortiz, Rachael Lillis, and Crispin Freeman. Anime Club Summit meeting and discussion group: fellow heads of anime fan clubs discuss and exchange meeting points, facilities, and general technicalities on starting up and maintaining an anime club. Scott Frazier's popular Animation How-To workshop: Mr. Frazier uses his industry skills to teach fans how to draw anime characters, fine-tune their works, push the skills further to develop an anime style, and then animate a sequence of pictures.
Fushigi Yuugi panel: fans discuss the details and plot of the popular anime TV series, much loved by both females and males.

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