Exhausted from the Exhibit Hall?  Had enough anime video program rooms for the day?  Just want to chat with fellow anime artists?  Then this is the section for you!  Anime Central had a few locations where artists could set up a table and let fellow congoers check out their latest anime art creations.  Some would show off their portfolios on paper, video, or computer, while others would draw your favorite character on the spot.  Still other groups would gather around a large table and begin painting cels or model kits, sometimes giving helpful advice to curious onlookers.

Artist Alley

Illustration table Video production table, including White Radish's latest demo Illustration table
Cel-painting table Cel-painting and model figurines painting table
Illustration table Bungie Software (producers of "Myth" and "Marathon" games) demos their latest 3D game "Oni"

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