So you think you've wandered around the Exhibit Hall enough?  Run out of cash, huh?  Then sit back and relax in one of the Anime Video Programming Rooms, whip out that camera and start looking for cosplayers eager to show off their costumes, or take a gander at the Art Show where fans can bid on or buy anime fan art for sale.  No convention is complete without a miscellaneous section to cover the rest of the wild fan frontier.

Miscellaneous Sights

With scores of fans everywhere, roaming the halls in search for more excitment going on, catching a glimpse of new Masqueraders to get pictures of, or just plain resting on a sofa, delirious from the convention, Anime Central was a dizzying experience indeed even if one did not touch the Exhibit Hall or Programming Rooms yet.
Offering four video rooms this year, Anime Central showed various favorites and new shows to audiences young and old.
Parked in the front like a mobile billboard, House of Anime proudly showed off its latest form of cosplay.  Like the bumper says, go to
Lines?   Surprisingly enough, the longest lines were people finding time to check into their hotel rooms which went quite smoothly and disappeared by the middle of the first day. Folks, get your Pikachu backpacks!  Yes, cute girls wear them because they are the latest craze developing from the Pokemon TV show.

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