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total convention coverage report of
Anime Expo 2001!

Welcome to the largest edition of Linus Lam Network News for 2001!  This news report covers our trip to Anime Expo 2001 in Long Beach, California for four incredible days of anime convention excitement over the weekend of July 5th-8th, 2001.  Spanning across the luxurious and touristy coast of the Long Beach harbor, AX dominated the Long Beach Convention Center, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Westin Hotel, and Renaissance Hotel and accumulated over 13,000 attendees!  Fans, Guests of Honor, and staff made this anime convention the biggest party ever!  Please enjoy our massive photo journal of the major events, workshops, panels, and things to see with plenty of commentary.  Our exciting trip to Anime Expo 2001 starts here!   Coverage you can count on, here at Linus Lam Network News!


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Ceremonies and 
Major Events

Introductions and exclusive media-packed events
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Artists Alley
4 Galleries
See masters of anime artistry in action!
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Thursday Cosplay Galleries
Galleries 1-37
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Guests of Honor and Industry Guests
Vast listing of exciting guests from near and far join the party! Take me there!

5XL Concert
2 Galleries
5XL's last concert in all their glory!
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Friday Cosplay Galleries
Galleries 38-80
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AX Tenth Year Anniversary Party!
Join the celebration with cake, ice cream, and lots of fan fun! Take me there!

Video Gaming
3 Galleries
Galleries for PPP, DDR, and much more!
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Saturday Cosplay Galleries
Galleries 81-107
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Meet the Guests 

Luxurious day event with your favorite Guests of Honor Take me there!

Contests and open mic palooza! 
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Sunday Cosplay Galleries
Galleries 108-117
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Panels, Workshops,
Contests, and more!

10 Report Pages
Too much stuff to do and too many things to see!
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Thursday Night Dance
2 Galleries
Grind it up hard core on the dance floor!
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Cosplayer Fun!
3 Galleries
Yep, cosplayers have their own brand of humor sure to entertain the audiences in three amusing galleries.
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Exhibit Hall
14 Galleries
From near and far, dealers came loaded with anime ready for the hungry masses. Take me there!

Friday Night Dance
2 Galleries
Pump up the bass and let the night rock!
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Masquerade Costume Contest Night
Gitchi gitchi Yaya! It's cosplay night at the Moulin Rouge! Take me there!

Art Show
Paintings, wall scrolls, model kits, and lots of excellent fan art Take me there!
Fan Fun!
2 Galleries
Nightly parties, dinners, and just hanging out
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Masquerade Costume Contest Awards
Competing cosplayers receive their well-deserved awards for their exciting spotlight spectacles
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Art Exhibitions
From the higher echelons of the art community comes artwork from esteemed Guests of Honor
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AX Staff Spirit
2 Galleries
Behind the scenes with excited staff
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Cosplay Gallery

Catching up with Masquerade contestants for a last look
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AX in Action
It's the little things that count to complete the total AX experience.
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Long Beach Sights and Sounds
3 Galleries
Long Beach never looked so good at night
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Alien Sightings
2 Galleries
It's a strange world out there, so be careful not to poke your eyes out from all the loonies!
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Be sure to visit Anime Expo!

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