Working harder and working smarter, the AX2001 Staff definitely deserve rounds of applause for an amazing job on handling the largest and most successful anime convention in the United States.  How does AX do it?  Certainly not with an insanely large staff.  Certainly with not an insanely small staff.  And certainly not with a staff that fools around.  Longtime diehard anime fans, they take the anime convention business quite seriously, always learning from mistakes and making new friends with fellow AX attendees.  These pages are dedicated to all members of the AX2001 Staff who have spent countless hours of their free time building up an awesome convention for the fans of Japanese Animation.  THE anime convention for all fans, industry, and guests, Anime Expo is clearly the leader of the pack!  Well, they can fool around sometimes...  hee hee

Anime Expo 2001
AX Staff Spirit 1

 Jeff from Guest Services helped serve up the cake to a crowd of hungry fans at the Tenth Year Anniversary party.
 Elizabeth from Information Services proudly showed her cosplay spirit at her station just outside the extremely busy Exhibit Hall.
 Gracie-poo could no longer contain her fangirl love and plants a big warm fuzzy huggle on bishounen guy Garland in the Exhibit Hall.
 No matter what rank you were on staff, everyone pitched in the help start the convention off on the right track.  And no sooner said than done, staffers from all divisions and departments helped out with registration to make sure the first experience was the smoothest and fastest ever.  Even some of the fans chipped in to help!  For many fans, the quickest time for pre-paid registration was a mere 3 minutes throughout the entire weekend, and those who paid on the spot for registration clocked in at under 5 minutes at various times on Friday through Saturday.

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