Words escape on how much any staff contributes to a convention they love to build and hold for the eager fans.  But how do they show that service for the numerous fans who continue to come to AX?  Below are some examples on what makes the experience a little bit more positive beyond the already very positive weekend.

Anime Expo 2001
AX in action

 Dreams do come true at AX, and this year's highlighted donations really wowed the crowds throughout the day and the night at the Masquerade. Through the charitable contributions of AX sponsors and Starlight Foundation, Omar Brown, a young survivor of sickle-cell anemia, received a pile of videos and DVDs from AD Vision, 200 anime videos and DVDs from Bandai Entertainment, a DVD player from SunCoast Video, and a whopping load of Tenchi Muyou anime and other goodies packed into a gift basket from Pioneer Entertainment complete with a stage hug from a bunch of Tenchi Muyou cosplayers!  And not far behind were the SPJA Industry awards for numerous popular anime and manga highlights as well as various Anime Expo awards for many contests held throughout the weekend.
 Missing in action?  Or just missing the action?  Info Desk had two areas strategically set up in high traffic areas (Exhibit Hall and Registration) to point wayward attendees in the right direction towards the big events and various attractions around the convention site.
 Parties!  Lots of 'em posted on the Info Kiosk.  Info Desk also handed out free AX fortune cookies.  That's right, complete with anime fortunes inside.
 Merchandise, get yer merchandise!  T-shirts from AX2001 and AX2001 were in stock with new art by new and old Guests of Honor.

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