For many fans, having fun was all about a rare chance get out and party like an anime fan could only dream about.  It meant hooking up with friends and new acquaintances made from anime clubs over the Internet.  It meant artists groups, fanfic writers, cosplayers, video game enthusiasts, photographers, and even industry professionals who are diehard anime fans at heart make it a point to find time to celebrate reunion get-togethers and swap stories about the good 'ol days about watching fourth-generation copies of anime on a dinky television monitor.

Anime Expo 2001
Fan Fun!  Part 1

 In the Exhibit Hall, Animaxis posted fresh sheets of paper for fans to show their spirit and doodle a swarm of anime sketches for all to see.  We don't know how much they've captured, but it certainly looked like it would fill a whole book.
 Cosplay fans from both sides of the Pacific and both sides of the United States joined up for a glamorous dinner at Parker's Lighthouse at the end of the posh line of restaurants and souvenir shops just along the Long Beach Shoreline Village waterfront.
 EX Online Magazine staff and guests enjoyed a luxurious dinner at the Tides Restaurant inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
 A happy Utena cosplayer gets her long-awaited chance to chat with Kunihiko Ikuhara (director of Utena) who took a break from the busy panel schedules to hang out with fans.

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