Chat with your favorite Guest of Honor or delve into the world of producing your own anime, Fanime2K had a nice relaxing round of panels each day for fans to sit down and gather some details about where worldwide anime fandom is going.  Here you can see views of panels and activities in session.

Panels Gallery 3

Fan fiction writers panel with an always packed eager fan audience from either online or through fan fiction publications
Maison Ikkoku screening panel
Stan Sakai's panel on his history and development of his best-selling Usagi Yojimbo manga works
Gilles Poitras' panel on his history and details on anime fandom in America
Panels also featured at Fanime2K: Fred Patten, Mari Iijima, Fan Clubs, Allen Hastings, Yamaga's Anime Directing, Anime DJ, and Plastic Pixel.

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