Packed with fans old and new, the opening and closing ceremonies hearkened back to the "good 'ol days" of anime fandom with great introductions of Fred Patten "the Godfather of anime fandom in America" and Fred Schodt, whom without him, we would not have enjoyed the novels of Yoshiyuki Tomino's Gundam nor been able to delve deeper into the realms of manga as we do now.  Of course, Fanime 2K had plenty of awesome guests, so read on!


Fanime2K Chairman Michael J. Wright kicks off Fanime2K with the introductions of its guests: Stan Sakai, Mari Iijima, Takami Akai, Hiroyuki Yamaga, Mark Koch, Fred Patten, Steve Bennet, Mark Hoffman, Giles Poitras, Fred Schodt, and Allen Hastings. Guest Fred Patten makes a thankful speech regarding his personal history on how he started anime clubs, made tapes, restored broadcast TV footage of anime, and helped the fledgling anime groups decades ago become the bright gatherings for great anime screenings as they are today.
Local high school marching band entertains the opening ceremonies audience with rousing orchestral pieces selected from various popular anime soundtrack themes.
To end Fanime2K with a glorious bang, Fanime2K has a young volunteer from the audience gratefully bash a Pokeman piņata ball in pieces on stage to the hearty roar of the audience.

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