Bigger and more luxurious than last year, Fanime2K extended its events and programming to the attached Santa Clara Convention Center and expanded its schedule to accommodate those who wanted 24-hour anime video screenings as well as more activities.

Westin Hotel

Front facade of Westin Hotel, located at Great America Parkway's Tech Center in Santa Clara, California. Fanime2K and splendid luxury go hand in hand?  With wood veneers, stylish flower arrangements, and numerous high-tech interiors, this year's convention experience certainly had a more pleasing upscale feeling. 
Arriving in droves, fans from around the Silicon Valley and some from out of state could gather comfortably in the luxurious lobby or catch a quick cafe mocha or hot chocolate in the hotel's cafe parlor.
Why settle for cheap burgers and tacos when you can dine in style at Fresca.  Of course, we're not here to tell you what you can or cannot eat, but it was certainly refreshing to relax in a nice restaurant without driving around.  What can we say, the LLNN staff love glamour, style, and convenience.

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