Introduced with much applause and thankful greetings, Fanime2K proudly presented its Guests of Honor: Stan Sakai (award-winning creator of Usagi Yojimbo manga), Mari Iijima (Japanese and American singer and actress), Takami Akai (director, character designer, and game producer), Hiroyuki Yamaga (director, game producer, and instructor), Mark Koch (Plastic Pixel producer), Fred Patten (marketing director and godfather of anime fandom in America), Studio Ironcat (graphics novels production), Steve Bennet (artist, animator, and well-known convention guest speaker), Gilles Poitras (author and librarian), Fred Schodt (author and well-known translator), and Allen Hastings (LightWave3D creator and software programmer guru).  Featured below are a few spot sights of the guests in action, hard at work to please their fans and answer all questions that are, of course, anime.

Guests of Honor Gallery

Mr. Hiroyuki Yamaga, well-known for his work on the ground-breaking Gainax productions of Wings of Honneamise, Gunbuster, Otaku no Video, Evangelion, and Princess Maker.  Mr. Takami Akai, well-known for his work on Daicon IV, Princess Maker, Return of Ultraman, Wings of Honneamise, Otaku no Video, and Cybernetic High School.
Mr. Yamaga happily signs for all his fans' requests, whether on signboards, shirts, or books.  Ever the popular guest, this year's appearance was his fourth and expressed interest in yet another return for Fanime'01.
Mari Iijima signs numerous items from a long line of fans who attended her concert, all of them either from the Macross days or new fans of her debut CD album.  You can check out her website and album info at

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