What's a convention without the extra excitement and oddities that fans love?  Featured here are some of the neat things to see and be amazed at or just plain drop jaws at the wild life of crazy anime fandom.  Enjoy!

Miscellaneous Oddities

Dealer's Room hasn't even opened yet, and registered fans brave the morning cold to line up outside just a half-hour beforehand.  Eager to catch all the goods before their opponents, getting a premium place in line certainly paid off well for some of these fans.  Money to spend and then some! 
OK, no money to spend... but money to earn!  And you could do that at Fanime2K's Art Show where fans brought in their great pieces and sold them off for a quick buck or more. Usually attracting con-related information with various informative flyers and whatnot, the info kiosks also served to pull in numerous anime graffiti artists who felt the urge to draw as they pleased for an anonymous audience.
Above and below: Boogy on down with Totoro and glowsticks!  The Fanime2K Dance of the Millennium kicked off with subwoofers, laser light displays, disco balls, and a crowd of cosplayers and regular fans all grooving for some good 'ol trance, techno, rave, and of course, anime-dance tunes.
Fan reporters abound, here a Sailor Senshi is interviewed by a growing number of groups armed with the latest in digital media and larger fanbases of people interested in the convention experience. FansView.com creator and fellow convention reporter as well as NASCAR fan Kevin Lillard makes a quick cameo appearance for our own online celebrity.  Located in the midwest America, he braved the travel elements to come all the way to sunny California for its own early anime convention head start.  If you ever see him, say a friendly hi and stuff.  He's a really cool guy.
Above and below: only in eccentric California can you see "riceboy" pocket rocket racers or old cars adorned with anime-inspired decals and paint jobs.  OK, maybe you'd find them elsewhere, but here's a pop quiz, what anime do you think these belong to?

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