Chat with your favorite Guest of Honor or delve into the world of producing your own anime, Fanime2K had a nice relaxing round of panels each day for fans to sit down and gather some details about where worldwide anime fandom is going.  Here you can see views of panels and activities in session.

Panels Gallery 2

Above and below: Anime karaoke in effect!  Run away or stay and brave the vocal elements or maybe even try it yourself and hear how bad you sound!  No matter what your case, the karaoke room brought in a steady stream of anime fans and their friends willing to put in a few minutes of free time to either caterwauler or sing blissful melodies to their favorite tunes.
Above and rest of below: Fanime2K also welcomed the arrival of "5XL" the popular Bay Area-based anime fan band who grew from a casual group of guys and girls just jamming on strings and trashcans to developing into turning popular anime songs into cool crowd-rousing beats of glory sure to attract many an ear.
5XL's website can be poked at

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