The anime fan community has a ravishing appetite for networking with popular artists and cosplayers alike, and Ani-Magic played host to a great variety of superstars who traveled from near and far to help fans deliver results from their dreams.

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Kat Cressida, the popular voice actress for Dee-dee of Cartoon Network's Dexter's Laboratory discussed her involvement in the vocal acting arena as well as holding an autograph session for her dedicated fans.  Highlights of the panel included insight into the very secluded life of a voice, not being able to see the other actors with scattered schedules, as well as Ms. Cressida's vocal example of Dee-dee herself much to the enjoyment of her audience.
Cosplay Faux Pas:  David and Kimberly Ramsay of the Jasper Cosplay Closet gave a humorous panel discussion on the trials and tribulations of cosplaying at anime conventions, a hobby that should be regarded more seriously now with the advent of better cameras and certainly more questionable non-costuming fans with ulterior motives.  Subjects included: (1) careful posturing, don't squat with your legs open and don't lean forward with your butt showing, (2) costumes will always draw photographers and if you want to give good shots, don't carry around bags of stuff to mar the shots, (3) look tasteful, don't wear something you probably won't like or will certainly get dirty and do take care of your costume with regular cleanings, (4) watch out for those dastardly or bumbling newbie photographers who want more than just a frontal shot as some will sneak a panty shot or some cannot use a camera like it should be used; help them out or whack them on the head with your best judgment.  The big words for the day: just be more careful.
Fan Fiction: Hosted by Joyce Wakabayashi (left) and Dennis Carr (right), both longtime anime fan fiction writers, discussion ranged from uniting various ideas into one good plot and posting fics online for the audience reading pleasure. Toshi Yoshida of Viz Communications gave dedicated Viz Video fans a sneak peek at the future line-up, which included a nice clip of Ayashi no Ceres, the popular new series by Yuu Watase, soon to come!
Anime Trivia: The RAGE fan group hosted this exciting one-hour game extravaganza that scoured the minds of three contestants vying for the ultimate round of cool prizes, Jeopardy style.  Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate anime knowledge guru? Dub Your Own Anime: Toshi Yoshida of Viz Communications hosted the popular workshop that involved attendees' voices and delivered always humorous results, showing how hard it is to really voice-act your way to stardom.
Additional panels and events at Ani-Magic 2000: Bandai Entertainment with updates to their future line-up and current projects, Anime Karaoke where fans could belt out tunes for great anime prizes, Drawing Anime Characters, hosted by Sareh Karimi and Stephanie Miller as they walked fans through the fine art of character development, facial expressions, and body formations, Costume Presentation and You: hosted by David and Kimberly Ramsay of the Jasper Cosplay Closet, focusing on cosplay presentations and postures for Hall and Masquerade competition.

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