Events started off on time every day and night under a warm atmosphere and surrounded by many local friends and fan groups.  For some, it was a much welcomed lazy weekend to take a seat and listen to guest panels under a relaxing cool breeze, while for others it was a chance to chat at length with various fan groups without having to worry about massive crowds and blazing hot schedules.

Friday's Main Events

Under a starry night, Ani-Magic's Opening Ceremonies started off near the poolside terrace with introductions by Convention Chairman Revell Walker and Rob Miles of the Bay Area Animation Society and the guests and guest panelists for the convention's quiet weekend.  And for a real crowd pleaser, Ani-Magic's opening music video was a collection of anime favorites synced to the tune of Queen's "Magic."
Guests for the weekend included such luminaries as Mari Iijima (of Macross and Pacific Blue), Kat Cressida (Dee-dee of Dexter's Laboratory), Tristen Citrine (Golden Quartz and Sailor Jamboree), Toshi Yoshida (Viz Communications), Mike Hayes (east-coast manga illustrator), and David and Kimberly Ramsay (Jasper Cosplay Closet).
The Venice Koshin Taiko group threw heart-pounding drum rhythms into the night with thunderous applause and lots of smiles to start off a very Japanese-themed convention.  You were not in a desert anymore, you were in Japan!
Nihon Nights Garden party served up a few dishes of tuna sushi, California rolls, and other makis to appease the appetites of a few weary attendees who needed just a little energy to chat with friends before some headed out for Ani-Magic's anime karaoke.

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