Events started off on time every day and night under a warm atmosphere and surrounded by many local friends and fan groups.  For some, it was a much welcomed lazy weekend to take a seat and listen to guest panels under a relaxing cool breeze, while for others it was a chance to chat at length with various fan groups without having to worry about massive crowds and blazing hot schedules.

Saturday's Main Events

Attendees gathered up lawn chairs and sat lazily on the lawn and terraces as they listened quietly to tunes from Mari Iijima's album and latest songs.  With a poolside performance and a very polite audience, Mari was pleased to come again and sing for her dedicated fans.
Ani-Magic's Masquerade night got underway quickly with amazing performances done by such well-known groups as Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts, Tenchi Muyou!, Star-Crossed Lovers, Phoenix SeeD, and many more.  Everyone walked away a winner with high craftmanship and performance marks.  It was almost a Masquerade Unplugged.
Masquerade Judges presiding from left to right: Toshi Yoshida (Viz Communications), Jason Lee (ADVision), Amanda Winn Lee (ADVision), Ms. and Mr. Burgess (Manga Entertainment), Kimberly and David Ramsay (the Jasper Cosplay Closet) "Deiter" of the undead German Nazi Regime, plays for the crowd while Judges selected their Masquerade winners.  Would you like to touch his Totoro?
Above and below: Sailor Jamboree, in an uncontested performance, show off their latest Light Adventure "live" concert for the cheering audience. 
With help from Sailor Jamboree, Ani-Magic Co-chairman Rob Miles tosses out free t-shirts and posters for the gleeful attendees.

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