That's right fans, California is actually a desert with small bits of the coast filled with green pastures and sandy beach sidelines often dreamed about on America's east coast, with the exception of Florida...  Yet in the middle of this forgotten city of Lancaster, California is one lone saving grace of an anime convention left for the hardcore elite, or just plain dedicated who yearn for a quiet respite away from the humongous conventions on the west, Midwest, and east coasts.  

Oasis in the Desert

With quite a challenge of road ahead, it was amazing how many well-known groups found time out of their busy schedules to show up and enjoy a nice vacation for themselves and with fans alike, most of them staffers leftover from AX and Fanime.
With a new breed of convention staffers powered by Lancaster High School students headed by seasoned leaders like Ani-Magic Chairman Revell Walker and Fanime Co-Chairman Rob Miles, Ani-Magic brought back the fresh drive and power reminiscent of today's large conventions when they began so many years ago. World of Anime reminds attendees to stroll on over to their scheduled panel during a noontime romp through the sunny hallways.
Ani-Magic's Art Show was the place to sell off a good number of nice pieces, some donated by staffers and others up just for show by fellow attendees. World of Anime showed off its collection of plastic models for viewing pleasure.
For a very affordable $6-14, the adjacent Desert Rose restaurant served up some great dishes along with an inexpensive salad bar, wide choice of sandwiches, and serenity only broken by the need for more jello dessert. Ani-Magic had a goal to set and that was to deliver a Japanese-themed anime convention for the hungry anime convention goers.  Some of the female staffers at the office here think Linus Lam should come in some Japanese garb next time... perhaps a Kendo uniform?  We'll see!

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