The anime fan community has a ravishing appetite for networking with popular artists and cosplayers alike, and Ani-Magic played host to a great variety of superstars who traveled from near and far to help fans deliver results from their dreams.

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Drawing Manga: Mike "Haze Man" Hayes teaches a 3-hour maximum output tutorial to fans on how to draw manga.  With numerous examples, quick lessons, and plenty of questions from the aspiring artists, struggling dreamers were sure to walk away transformed into a new breed of experienced "ah-teest".  Students learned about simple head-drawings to more refined and expert-driven body poses as well as clothing artifacts and customized layouts. Independent Comics for Fun and Profit: But the action doesn't stop there!  E.T. of Anti-Ballistic Pixelations (left) and Ed Luena of Bodo Genki Studios (right) hosted a panel on creating and marketing your own manga, from character development to writing scripts.
From Artist Alley to Professional: Ed Luena of Bodo Genki Studios hosted an intimate discussion for fellow aspiring Alley Artists on how they could become professionals.  Interesting observations were given about artists at Anime Expo who were scouted inside Artist Alley and now work for Disney Studios, Industrial Light and Magic, or LucasFilm as illustrators.  Yes, dreams can come true in Artist Alley! Mari Iijima gives fans her take on her concert and album life as well as her rising acting career amid personal roller coasters.  She was a bit awkward on approaching the anime convention scene with her well-known Macross background, but now feels better that it has helped her promote her new albums and set the stage for a new crop of fans that want to see her succeed in the entertainment business.
Sailor Moon Costuming and Wig Making: Tristen Citrine of Golden Quartz and Sailor Jamboree hosted a very popular panel on creating Sailor Senshi costumes and hair pieces for pure unadulterated Sailor excitement.  With Halloween coming up as well as much-needed prep time for next year's anime conventions, the lessons came at just the right time.  Along with Tristen's complimentary booklets and information guides, attendees learned about the benefits of using natural hair wigs, shopping at the right places for high-quality vinyl fabrics, fixing up tresses and decorations on hair, special care of fabrics, postures, and much more.
Above and below: "Sera Myu" Experience: Hosted by the well-known Sailor Jamboree, female fans very loudly and proudly rejoiced over video presentations of the constantly packed Sera Myu concerts so widely known in Japan.  But what is Sera Myu?  Sera Myu is also known as "Sailor Moon Musical", the virtual Sailor Moon concert equivalent of Phantom of the Opera complete with award-winning Japanese actresses and singers, hot music and fantastical light shows, and lots of crowd-pleasing acts and dances that please many female fans of all ages.  Attendees also received freebies and helpful hints on creating their own Sera Myu fan groups.
For those who have cable access, Ray Nagar of World of Anime hosted their panel on updates to their programming schedule.

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