Working harder and working smarter, the AX2000 Staff definitely deserve rounds of applause for an amazing job on handling the largest and most successful anime convention in the United States.  The anime industries have sat up and taken notice.  The fans keep coming year after year with more exciting cosplayers.  The anime dealers come with larger booth setups.  The Guests are hot off their latest springtime projects and are ready to come on a moment's notice as the convention is always strategically in place for a summer promotion push.  How does AX do it?  Certainly not with an insanely large staff.  Certainly with not an insanely small staff.  And certainly not with a staff that fools around.  Longtime diehard anime fans, they take the anime convention business quite seriously, always learning from mistakes and making new friends with fellow AX attendees.  This page is dedicated to all members of the AX2000 Staff who have spent countless hours of their free time building up an awesome convention for the fans of Japanese Animation.  THE anime convention for all fans, industry, and guests, Anime Expo is clearly the leader of the pack!

AX2000 Staff

AX Volunteers!  They're the ones who watch the doors, check badges, and run errands for hours and hours on end!  And they do it for the free crowded room and mediocre food.  Thanks to  Sean Slaven and Kevin Woo for managing a large contingent of eager attendees who wanted to help out at AX2000! Line Control Staff dedicated to well... lines!  Jeremy Johnson, Jerry San Jose, Kenneth Capina, Mark Barrios, and the rest of Convention Services team of red vests are the ones who did their best to route the lines as fast and effectively as possible to abide by various fire codes and speed up traffic so events get started on time.
Registration and Pre-registration beat all odds and astounded attendees with quick and easy badge pick-ups.  Thank Todd Whitesel, Mara Cheng, Ann Lee, and the rest of the Reg Gang for your spending less time waiting in line to get registered and more time waiting in line for an actual event. The magical VidTech and Film Staff headed by Shaun Hendricks, Brian Friday, James Dodd, Brian Ross, Robert MacKinnon, and many more rehearse their duties late Thursday night to get ready for the big Friday push!  If you want to thank anyone for the Masquerade, the Opening Ceremonies, Video, or even just proper light placement, thank them!
Stanley Chen grimaces during Karaoke while fellow staffers and 5XL band members look on.  Karaoke was a blast because of the dedicated efforts of staffers Hong Kwon, Hank Wong, Luke Gottelieb, and the rest who make Karaoke run smoothly through the night.  And yes, the nights do get long. When Josh Ritter and John Davenport lock brains and form Jojo's Bizarre Programming Adventures, stand back and let the crowds in.  They were the guys to thank for all the wildly successful panels and big events scheduled as nicely as possible to accommodate fans of every variety, whether you were into Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, or just wanted to come for the Masquerade.
Newsletter is always up all night every night!  Hot off the Kinko's copiers, issues were quickly distributed and became the bible for most fans hungry for the latest scoop of convention coverage.  Thank Robert Lobbia, Jason Hong, and the rest of this eager crew for delivering on time every time! Coordinator Marisa Price, co-coordinator Kim Lim, emcee Darryl Hwang, Paul Wilson, Russ Isler, and many more Special Events staffers are the ones to thank enormously for the smoothest running Masquerade of all time!  And remember to thank the contestants as well for without them Masquerade could not have been the spectacular hit that it was!
The Special Events Technical team headed by Michael Underwood, "Raven", and friends are the guys and girls to thank for an awesome room build and no-mistakes-allowed technical setup. Art Show was bigger, better, and much classier thanks to the efforts of John Yung, Marita Rivera, and rest who helped Ms. Takada Akemi and anime art fans quickly set up pieces for display and bid.
Information Desk at a typical time... questions upon questions and answers upon answers, thanks to the organization of Aaron Pon, Patrick Lee, Terry Yeung, Evan Chung, Harvey Gong, Keith Rhee, Ling-Ling, Susan Wey, Ruby Wang, and numerous others who helped people find their way to that elusive Film Room. Emily Hu bear-hugs Andy Scheffler during a light time inside the massive Exhibit Hall.  Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Stanley Lew, Nati Sangrujiveth, Rannie Yoo, Nicole Chen, and many others, dealers made great business and spendthrift attendees had an extremely hard time walking away. Think we missed staffers?  Of course!  Stella's Buns!  Those with a sharp eye and nice demeanor got a chance to pet them and get to know their names.  And god forbid, we know some LLNN viewer is going to take that last sentence way out of context. 
Guest Lounge: Trulee Lee, Jay Chung, Suizi Lin, Vicki Huynh, and the rest for keeping the Guests very happy; in fact, so happy that the Guests gave complimentary autographs on Monday morning!
Interpreters: Taka Karahashi, Eileen Hu, Jeff Okamoto, Alan Yao, Greg Lee, Hiromi Hasegawa, Yoshi Karahashi, and many more; they talk all day and night and they do it for the Guests and you!
Merchandising: Roderick Lee, Theo Ching, and rest of their staffers were the ones to thank for getting some nice shirts, poster, and extra stuff at the booth!
Con-Ops: Charles McCarter, Scanner Luce, Chadwick Ngan, Mark Chadwick, Ken Kindsfater, and many more; the convention ran so smoothly!
Hospitality: Joseph Lee, Andy Park, and the rest for pretty much making sure staffers operated at reasonable capacity throughout all four pack days!
Press: Dave Andrews, Jennifer Vancil, Victoria Chan, and Judy Wang; who else to thank for the fan and news press agencies like able to get their interviews done on time?

And remember folks, AX Staffers do not get paid!  They just love anime! 

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