The big Dragon*Con weekend is never complete without the amazing Costume Contest held at the Civic Center a few blocks away from the Hotels.  Access via shuttle is fast and easy and attendees quickly filled up the aisles to see some of the most awesome costumes and great stage presentations for the science fiction and fantasy costuming fans.  Shown here are just some of the highlights of the big costume contest night.

Dragon*Con 2004
Events: Masquerade 4

Femme Fatale and Private Dick exchange a little stage romance Lucy from Dracula and her frightfully awesome costume Beware the Necromancer and her pet skull!  Could be your head!

Queen of the Geeks showed off her Dragon*Con Trek fandom

Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem: The Muppets are back again in this wild and crazy stage musical sure to put tears in the eyes of those who grew up with all the Muppet shows.

The Monsters of Netherspawn performed an awesome tribute to all the ghoulish ooglies in this musical version of Cell Block Tango from the Chicago movie.

It's time for comic celebrity Jeopardy with Spiderman, Songokuu, and... Sean Connery (from LXG)!
It's Armageddon WWE Smackdown time as Heaven and Hell duke it out on stage!
After the big Masquerade, all the winning contestants gathered on stage for a big encore photoshoot for their fans.
Dragon*Con 2004 Masquerade Costume Contest
Children's Third Place Award:
#4 X-Kids
Children's Second Place Award: #12 Blue Fairy Monster
Children's First Place Award:
#10 Ewok
Best Journeyman Award:
The Devil who came to Georgia
Judges' Favorite Award:
Queen of the Geeks
Best Sci-Fi Award:
Nightmare Armor Halo group
Best Humor Award:
Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy
Best Historical Recreation Award:
Lucy Westerner from Dracula
Best Fantasy Award:
Summer Queen
Best Movie Recreation:
Best Skit Award:
Sparky and K'Sai and Our Gang
Best in Show Master's Category Award:
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
Best in Show Overall Award:
The Netherspawn

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