The big Dragon*Con weekend is never complete without the amazing Costume Contest held at the Civic Center a few blocks away from the Hotels.  Access via shuttle is fast and easy and attendees quickly filled up the aisles to see some of the most awesome costumes and great stage presentations for the science fiction and fantasy costuming fans.  Shown here are just some of the highlights of the big costume contest night.

Dragon*Con 2004
Events: Masquerade 1

Stormtroopers and Doctors and Guest Celebs, oh my!  The 2004 Dragon*Con Costume Contest got of to a great start with children's' entries first and followed by all the adult contestants.

Children contestants lined up for the big photoshoot before the big monsters come out!

Sparky and the merry gang of Predators

Satine shows off her excellent costume craftsmanship Costumers gave a hilarious musical performance inspired by the movie Van Hellsing. 

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